Every Picture Tells A Story – Barmeston Road, Catford

One day in 1999 I was at work and driving through London and on impulse took a detour to Catford and to Barmerston Road where my grandparents used to live to see the house that I used to visit with my parents when I was a child.  It was having a bit of work done to it at the time but it looked almost as I remembered it and the memories came flooding back.

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14 responses to “Every Picture Tells A Story – Barmeston Road, Catford

  1. Enjoyed reading this very much. My grandparents lived in Bameston Road for a while in the 1920s (renting some rooms) and is where my mother and her sister were born.
    I lived in Catford also (on the Bellingham estate) and in the holidays went to Catford Bus Station to buy a ‘Red Rover’ – 2/6d. I often made use of the large library next door which i believe no longer exists.

    • Thanks David – I have fond memories of Catford and Barmeston Road – The Rag & Bone man, the sound of the railway and something I am completely unable to describe – the smell of the place early on a sunny morning, don’t know why I remember that but I do. My dad used to take me to Peter Pan’s playground – I think that’s a supermarket car park now?

  2. Very nice site. I used to visit my Aunt/Uncle in late ’60s at Arran Rd (I was born in 1963) I remember the big bus station , big bus conductor ticket machines, and the Robertson factory. The jam factory used to smell lovely and didn’t the chimney have a large golly on it ?

  3. Oh I worked in the factory for aliitle while when I was about 17 years old. Id watch all these jars going past. so many memories of old catford. and the Tigers head. I now live in Qld Australia. still miss uk alot
    cheers Sandra

  4. I live on Bellingham now have done all my life, it’s changed so much over the years I worked at Catford sorting office, Barmeston Rd, There’s a new industrial site now where Robertson’s was which was later followed by Franklin Mint.

  5. My mother always told the story of how I was born at 60 Barmeston Rd under a popping gas mantel with the smell of strawberry jam in the air. This was in 1948 and I have strong memories of my childhood there until I was about seven.
    We also had upstairs lodgers, a retired couple, by the name of Dwan and our nextdoor neighbours at no. 58 were called Hughes.
    I remember our back garden being a mass of dahlias in the summer and whilst digging one day my Dad struck Roman remains close to the river – I wonder if anyone knows about this?
    I went to Athelney Road primary school and used to walk there and back twice a day on my own – you could not do that today!

  6. That’s interesting Andrew, and would seem to confirm that our finds really were Roman. Someone should get Time Team in there!

    My mother, now 87, also remembers that our neighbours at No. 62 were called Markham. This would have been about 1948-1954.

  7. I remember Bellingham well used to go to the open air swimming pool and I worked next to the bus dep in the garage S AND A the laundry was next to the bus garage to

  8. My Uncle Fred Mace was the manager of Robertsons and lived in the house on the grounds of the factory, I myself was a bus conductor out of Catford Garage about 1965 on Route 47

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