A Life in a Year – 1st May, Two Years of Blogging

On 1st May 2009 I published my first WordPress Blog. I called the site ‘Have Bag, Will Travel’ plagiarising the title of a 1950s western television series that I used to watch called ‘Have Gun, Will Travel’ starring Richard Boone and it was to be a place to record my travel stories from across Europe. 


I had found that, thanks to Ryanair, I was travelling so often that I was having difficulty remembering some of the places I had been and some of the memories were getting mixed up.  This seemed a shame so some time before I began to keep a journal of my travels starting in Greece in 2006.  Most of these stories have now been retrospectively recorded in the blog but I began ‘Have Bag, Will Travel’ with a story about a holiday in Castilla-La Mancha in Spain and in a week of touring, the first destination of Chinchon, a small town just south of Madrid.


I have now written 541 blog entries and have had over 150,000 visitors to the pages.


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