A Life in a Year – 6th May, He Who Laughs Last

When I worked for Onyx UK my boss was a horrible little man who was a public school ponce and a self opinionated ex army captain who didn’t like me very much (and I didn’t like him either). In 2000 he announced redundancies and he wanted rid of me. It was going to be difficult to select me ahead of some of the others but I had had enough of him and of Onyx UK so I waited as long as I dared and then volunteered to go. He was so pleased that he gave me a very generous pay off and within a week or so I had got a new job doing what I like doing best and I was about to move to Lincolnshire.

He didn’t last much longer himself and the Company parted company with him shortly afterwards. He went on to become a divisional chief executive of Serco, a company that provides a variety of services and products relating to defence, detention, aviation, and transport. He is responsible for the company’s Home Affairs division, which provides Gatso speed cameras to local authorities and this is just a brilliant story…

In January 2009 he was caught driving more than a hundred miles per hour on the A14 in Suffolk and in court on May 6th he pleaded guilty to the offence and because this was his third speeding conviction (YES 3!) he was banned from driving for six months. In asking the judge not to impose a driving ban, he pathetically lamented that the incident had caused him ‘considerable embarrassment’ and said that the prospect of having to pay £30,000 for private chauffeurs might mean that he would be unable to continue paying for private schools for his three children. What a bloody shame! What a bloody shame it was only six months that is!

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