A Life in a Year – 31st December, Top Ten Blogs of 2011 (1)

At the end of another year of blogging in which I have managed a posting every day I was interested to see which blog posts received the highest number of hits:

No. 1

1957 – a Sister, Spaghetti, Scouting, Sputnik and Stanley Matthews

4,183 hits.  It seems that people have a continuing curiosity and interest in Robert Baden-Powell and the Boy Scout Movement which is what seems to bring visitors to this particular blog entry.

No. 2

Travel Journal

1,900 hits.  This is a simple link to my Travel Blog ‘Have Bag, Will Travel’

No 3

1955 – Polio, McDonalds and Disneyland

1,900 hits.  There is a lot of interest in the restaurant chain McDonalds and I think that is what brings people here.

No 4

A Life in a Year – 14th January, Henry Ford invents the Hamburger

1,860 hits.  This is another post about the McDonald brothers who started the restaurant chain in San Bernadino in California.

No. 5

A Life in a Year – 4th June, Naturism and Health and Efficiency Magazine

1,775 hits.  It would appear that a lot of people have a healthy interest in taking their clothes off on the beach and trying some natural sun bathing! I removed the pictures of the naked people because that is not the reason that I want people to visit the blog.

No. 6

1966 – Pickles the Dog and the Football World Cup

1,670 hits.  One of my favourites and a nice but rather bizarre story about how Pickles the dog discovered the stolen World Cup Trophy in 1966.

No. 7

A Life in a Year – 26th May, The European Flag

1,660 hits.  I can offer no explanation as to why this post has had so many visits.

No. 8

1956 – Suez, The Cold War, Airfix and Clean Air

1,520 hits. My story of 1956 seen through World news items. I think web surfers get to this page when reminiscing about Airfix model kits.

No. 9

A Life in a Year – 7th February, Monopoly and other Board (or Bored) Games

1,370 hits.  My recollections about the board (bored) game Monopoly which some enthusiasts did not appreciate!

No. 10

1967 – Che Guevara, Torrey Canyon and Francis Chichester

1,360 hits. A bit of a mystery to me, maybe the myth of Che Guevara just refuses to go away?

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