Missed Airline Flights

I suppose that a concern shared by all travellers is the inconvenience of missing the airport check-in deadline.  I was a victim of this distressing calamity when travelling to Venice on 4th April 2005 when a serious hold-up on the motorway due to an accident caused a delay that meant missing the check-in by five minutes.

Five little minutes!  And with no margin of error allowed we had to pay an extra £80 to get the next flight and then sit in a bar for nearly four hours waiting.  Well, on reflection then, perhaps it wasn’t that bad after all.

Actually there were quite a lot of very cross people in the bar that day who had missed their flights because of the hold-up and we all wondered why the police hadn’t been of more assistance in helping the traffic to move in what they must appreciate is a time sensitive area.  I resolved to write a letter of sharp rebuke to the Essex Constabulary upon my return but of course after a few days away it seemed so much less important when I got back home and I never quite got around to it.

5 responses to “Missed Airline Flights

  1. That sounds a bit sticky. We were extremely late for one flight due to me insisting on working until the last possible minute on some paper to fax through to my boss before we left. I don’t know how they even got the luggage to the plane but they did and we legged it through departures to arrive a couple of seconds before take-off. They’d already put the steps away so had to get those down again for us. Passengers not impressed with two scruffy backpackers holding them up 😀

    • I missed a ferry from Naxos to Amorgos but that was my own fault because I was waiting at the wrong quay! Didn’t matter much, just had a beer and waited for the next one!

  2. There seems to be a pattern there about how you spend the odd few spare hours when you are waiting for something.

  3. Great shot, I would not want to be there.

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