Travels with my P.A.

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The book that records the European travel adventures of a group of travel buddies who will go anywhere together if there is a cheap flight available.

Cast list:

Susan Stockdale, Christine Thompson, Kim Warren, Micky Dawson, Andrew Petcher

and occasionally: Mike and Margaret Shaw

National Professional Secretaries Week and National Secretary’s Day was created  on April 21st 1952 by Harry F. Klemfuss of Young and Rubicam.  Klemfuss recognized the importance and value of the position to a company or business and his aim was to encourage more women to become secretaries.  Using his skill and experience in public relations, Klemfuss, promoted the values and importance of the job of secretaries and in doing so he also created the holiday in recognition of the importance of secretaries.

Today, the title is changing and evolving but the recognition is equally important.  There are two new terms in use today.  They are “Administrative Professionals” and “Executive Admins“.  The two names sometimes mean different roles and responsibilities to different companies and both are broader terms that encompass more positions than the original “Secretary” role.

2 responses to “Travels with my P.A.

  1. Is this a real live touchy feely book? Or a virtual one? Or a wishful one?

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