Some Things That Make Switzerland Famous

On 27th April 2007 we visited Switzerland and driving through the meadows and hills on our way to Liechtenstein we stopped at a delightful place for lunch. It was a lovely setting and we sat in the sun and enjoyed our food but the best was yet to come because when we decided to use the washrooms before resuming our journey we were elated to find what simply has to be the best loo in the world with an impressive mechanical cleaning process that included a 360º scrubbing and disinfection of the toilet seat.

This was really impressive but I was a little concerned about health and safety risks associated with it beginning in advance of the occupier leaving the seat, which could have been especially painful for a man if he was to get his valuables caught up in the procedure.

This got us thinking and we tried to agree on five things that make Switzerland famous.

Our final choice might have included Roger Federer or Ursula Andress but in the end we agreed upon

1. Swiss watches of course – that was rather obvious.

2. Cuckoo clocks, because even though they are strictly speaking from Germany the Swiss were important for the ‘chalet’ style that they introduced at the end of nineteenth century and is the sort of cuckoo clock where it is common to have a  music box somewhere in the mechanism with tunes like ‘Edelweiss’ and ‘The Happy Wanderer’.

3. Muesli, which was introduced around 1900 by the Swiss doctor and nutritionist Maximilian Bircher-Benner for patients in his hospital in Zurich.

4.   Toblerone, the Swiss chocolate bar found in every airport duty-free shop that was invented by Theodore Tobler in 1908 in his factory in Bern but most of all we had to agree on:

5. The Swiss Army knife.

Various models of Swiss Army knives exist, with different tool combinations for specific tasks. The most common tools featured are, in addition to the main blade, a smaller second blade, tweezers, toothpick, corkscrew, can opener, bottle opener, slotted screwdriver, flat-head screwdriver, phillips-head screwdriver, nail file, scissors, saw, file, hook, magnifying glass, ballpoint pen, fish scaler, hex wrench w/bits, pliers and key chain. Recent technological features include USB flash drives, digital clock, digital altimeter, LED light, laser pointer, and MP3 player.

That is a startling collection of potential weapons in one utensil but I can’t help thinking that it was a good job Switzerland didn’t go to war with Germany in 1939 because I can’t imagine Hitler’s crack Panzer division being turned back by an army wielding nailfiles and toothpicks.

Manufacturers today  supply over fifty thousand a year to the Swiss Army which works out at a new knife for every soldier just about every three years or so.

5 responses to “Some Things That Make Switzerland Famous

  1. Aren’t they made in China now?

    They are amazingly easy to use. The problem with being so multi-useful is that you tend to take them out from wherever you keep them, put them down to use again and forget to pick them up 😦

  2. Ooops, that was easy to lose not use – was typing ahead of myself

  3. My dad was Swiss. I love all things Swiss. They’re so clean and efficient.

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