The Kingdom of Greece and my Greek Travels

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Following the War of Independence a protocol signed on May 7, 1832 Greece was defined as an independent kingdom. The Ottoman Empire was indemnified in the sum of 40,000,000 piastres for the loss of the territory. The borders of the Kingdom were reiterated in the London Protocol of August 30, 1832 signed by the Great Powers, which ratified the terms of the Constantinople Arrangement in connection with the border between Greece and the Ottoman Empire and marked the end of the Greek War of Independence creating modern Greece as an independent state free of the Ottoman Empire.

I am glad about that because Greece is my favourite place in all of Europe.  For me the very best way to see the country and the islands is to hop on a ferry and drift between them setting down now and then to enjoy the history, the people, the food, the ouzo and the Mythos!

These are my journals about the places I have visited:

Which one would you choose?


3 responses to “The Kingdom of Greece and my Greek Travels

  1. How can anyone choose? Impossible!! I’ve never been to Rhodes (or any of the Dodecanese for that matter) and they are on my list. But my #1 must-visit for now is Chios.

    • Just checked out Chios in my Dorling Kindersley! I need to visit the North East Aegean but it is not so easy to get there from the UK. Only island I have visited was Thassos in 1999:

      • I visited Thassos for 2 days, Samothrace for 2 days, and Limnos for a week. I live very close to both Thassos and Samothrace, and I see many more trips to them in the future – especially Samothrace, which is amazing. My husband more or less grew up in Samothrace, going there every summer. Limnos, the one I know best, is absolutely beautiful, very quiet and family-oriented, lots to see (very archaeologically significant), great food, etc etc. I even found a €10 on the side of a country road there. I mean how much more can you ask for? For me the great unknowns are Dodecanese and Sporades! Some day… there are just so MANY islands! How does one even begin to cover them all. (Years ago I made a personal goal to visit all 56 prefectures of Greece. I need to get out a map and see how close/far I am to meeting that goal!)

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