Lincolnshire Roads and a Tenancy

In August 2000 I was appointed to a job at South Holland District Council in Spalding, Lincolnshire which is about sixty-five miles from what was my home in Ilkeston, Derbyshire.  In my previous job I had been used to travelling long distances (I once drove daily from Rugby to Southend for three years) so I assumed that this tiny distance would present no problems at all.

How wrong I was!

This turned out to be the most tortuous, energy sapping and soul destroying journey imaginable.  First of all I had to negotiate the city of Nottingham which is a busy place in early morning rush hour and then the long drag to Grantham and by now I had been on the road for an hour and was only just over half way there and about to begin the worst part of the journey.

Lincolnshire has no motorways and is also desperately short of dual carriageways and the A52 is a single carriageway nightmare.  It is permanently full of lorries from the south Lincolnshire food distribution centres, caravanners making for the coast and tractors, hundreds of tractors, who all seem to come out on the roads together at a time certain to cause maximum inconvenience to motorists.

Lincolnshire Postcard

If I was lucky I could do the journey in an hour and forty-five minutes but sometimes (especially going home on a Friday night) it could take two hours!  Even though I was still driving the Onyx UK company car and they were fuelling it for me for six months as part of my redundancy deal this was not sustainable and when this perk disappeared and I had to pay for my own diesel I had to make alternative arrangements.

The solution was to rent a house and live closer to work and I found a delightful place in Moulton Seas End about seven miles from Spalding and what I was saving in fuel more than paid for the modest rent on the two bedroom, one hundred year old, ex agricultural farm workers cottage and on 6th June 2001 I signed the tenancy agreement.

I don’t remember thinking that I would still be there ten years later but I enjoyed working at South Holland District Council and living in South Lincolnshire and after a while I came to consider it my natural home with a good job and an excellent quality of life.

Unfortunately, good things come to an end and with the Tory assault on the public sector the good job was gone and so was my happy enjoyment of Moulton Seas End and South Lincolnshire so after ten happy years I terminated the tenancy and started a new life in the north of Lincolnshire instead, sad to go but happy to move on.

7 responses to “Lincolnshire Roads and a Tenancy

  1. I am glad I have found your blog and I enjoy reading it. I use to travel from Spalding down to London each day and agree the novelty soon wears thin. It was ok when the office was at the end of the A1 but when it moved to Rickmansworth it became a nightmare. My solution was a caravan.

  2. Your work life was unbelievable. Rugby to Southend??????

    I thought Selby to Scarborough was a long way! About an hour 25 – and no motorways, dual carriageways either, but pretty quiet. And then there was the London commute. But not from Spalding like Geoff above 😦

    • Crazy – People commute too far. Like others I told myself that this was quality time that I could use for thinking , preparation and ‘me’ time but just like everyone else I was trying to convince myself that this was the case when the truth was that it was a waste of time and money, a chore and downright dangerous! I nearly killed myself one night when I left the road and crashed through a hedge somewhere in Southam near Warwickshire! The only good thing was that it wasn’t my own car!
      Have you noticed anything wrong with WP notifications? It doesn’t appear to be working properly – I think they have been tinkering again!

      • I’ve always tried to a) live near work where possible (not possible in London) and b) live near public transport. Nasty story about the hedge though 😦

        I think WP is on a permanent tinker right now. The orange thing is not as good as it was, so I tend to go into stats and look at notifications from there. Their crazy happiness engineers are obsessed with putting everything through ‘reader’ and the wordpress page thing. It all worked perfectly well before. If I’ve not seen anything from my fave blogs I just click on them anyway, bit more reliable that way, to see what the lazy toerags are up to.

      • I wonder if they test things properly before they make the changes – I worry that they might eventually break it completely! I agree – the orange thingy was much better before the latest changes.

      • I can’t think of any changes they have made recently that have been an improvement!

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