Rain in Alghero

It really was very miserable, the sky was grey and the temperature had plummeted too.  The walk into town was much less pleasant as we had to negotiate puddles and streaks of sandy mud running across the pavements.  And town wasn’t much better either; everywhere seemed gloomy and uninviting now that the sun had deserted us.

In the October drizzle everywhere looked dejected today including the walk along the battlements overlooking a much rougher sea, now minus its sparkle, the old abandoned hospital that looked bleak under salt-and-pepper skies and the pavements that today seemed littered with dog excrement, which was bad, but not as bad as most of the pavements in France.  One sight did amuse us both though; there on the sea front was the tiniest Piaggio three-wheeled street cleaning vehicle I have ever seen with two of the fattest street cleaners that I have ever seen squeezed together in the undersized cab sheltering from the rain and I imagine doing irreparable damage to the suspension.  I stopped to take their photograph and they laughed at me laughing at them.

As things started to improve we thought we would have a drink in the bar we liked yesterday but when we got there it was shut so we cursed the cooperative roster system and were obliged to find an alternative.  We found one we liked the look of and as we sat and had a drink and felt sorry for ourselves we watched the tourist trains with the cruise ship visitors and the superior horse drawn carriages for those who had a bit more money to waste and surprisingly as we did so the weather started to get better and the sun, trying to find a way through, started to peek out from behind the clouds.  Soon it was quite warm so we walked back to the hotel and looked for a restaurant for lunch.

Having established lunch opening times we found that the weather had improved so much that we had time and could go to the beach so we changed into appropriate clothing and went for a stretch on the sand.  For the third day in a row we went for a swim in the sea but today we decided against tackling the ambitious swim to the rocks.  It was cold when first getting in but for someone bought up on holidays to Norfolk and the forbidding North Sea, believe me this wasn’t a problem at all and I enjoyed a swim in the Mediterranean water.

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