Favourite Blogs of 2012!

Spain Tapas Bar


I have had a really good year at the keyboard and posting my blogs but I have also enjoyed reading other work just as much.  Some catch the eye straight away, some can be found indirectly through others, some are like shooting stars and disappear without a trace whilst some continue to get better and better.

I thought it would be nice to share with you my favourite blogs of 2012.

They are in no particular order except this one, which is my favourite.  We have fallen out with each other a couple of times but I still keep going back for more of this post about ex-pat life in Gibraltar:


Author Richard Tulloch writes about his travels:


Adrian shares his excellent pictures:


I like this one – there are a lot of stag parties involved in the overseas travel:


Great pictures here from Gunta in the USA:


A lovely recollections and memories blog:


A travel blog with a great sense of humour:


A nice blog from Patrecia about ex-pat life in Bulgaria


Great posts about one of my favourite countries – Portugal – and more besides


and finally a gentle pot-pourri of good stories:


Apologies if I didn’t include you in my top ten this year – I will review the list at the same time next year!


8 responses to “Favourite Blogs of 2012!

  1. In the top ten – I like it!
    Thank you Andrew

  2. Cheers, thanks for the nomination and happy new year! I hope that’s not a half pint?!

  3. Now that is really dangerous stuff, you are living on the edge with that as your first post of the year. What about all the poor souls who read down the list, hoping they will be there, and sadly, crestfallen, find they haven’t made it.

    I on the other end ended up laughing so much I had tears in my eyes! Good achievement there Andrew only ten hours into the new year 😀

    Amazingly enough, I’ve been told before by a few people that mine is either their fave or one of their fave blogs. It’s slightly embarrassing in a British sort of way.

    I’ve enjoyed finding a range of different blogs too. I’ll check out some of the ones on your list, although stag parties doesn’t sound quite my thing!

  4. Thank you very much Andrew, ?I have enjoyed reading your travel tales too

  5. Not sure how that question mark got in there, must be the gin

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