Scrap Book Project – A Missing Degree Ceremony

After I had finished my final exams at University on a Friday afternoon in the middle of June 1975 I was in a bit of a rush to get packed up and out of Cardiff.

It was my twenty-first birthday weekend and I was starting a full time job at Rugby Borough Council on the next day, the 16th June.  After that I never went back, not even to my degree ceremony, which seemed a lot of unnecessary expense and not  terribly important at the time, my certificate was rather impersonally sent to me through the post and I always rather regretted that since.

Luckily my own children both went to University and both had rather nice degree ceremonies that I was able to attend.  The first was Sally on 16th July 2007 at Warwick University and the second was Jonathan at Nottingham on 14th July 2009.

Ten Other things I regret (no particular order, except the first):

Not visiting my dad more often before he died

Swapping my Robinson’s Golly badges for other less collectable things

Going to see Bernard Manning (twice) and finding him funny

Stealing my sister’s commemorative decimal coin pack and spending it

Not keeping in touch with people when I promised that I would

Arguing with family members over trivial things

Sacking people because I could (especially not nice)

Not going to the Athens 2004 Olympic Games

Buying a useless collection of lead soldiers (ok, actually 3 sets!)

Wasting hundreds or even thousands of £s on beer and wine

11 responses to “Scrap Book Project – A Missing Degree Ceremony

  1. I remember lead soldiers (blast from the past!) – my dad was obsessed with them

  2. Money spent on beer and wine is never wasted (unless it’s Carling)!

  3. nice piece dad. X

  4. Consider focusing on all the accomplishments (yours and others, including family) versus the regrets. They are the ‘stuff’ of memories. Congratulations on your offspring’s success!

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