Scrap book Project – Houses, Tyndale Street, Leicester

16 Tyndale Street Leicester

My parents were married in 1953 and around the same time dad was appointed to a job as a clerk with Leicestershire County Council.  They moved from living in Catford in South London with my mother’s family to a house in Una Avenue in Leicester where they lived with my dad’s grandmother, Lillian.  Shortly after that my mother was pregnant and I was on the way.  I was born the following year and lived my first few months in that house.

As I understand it the domestic arrangements were less than perfect so Lillian’s sister, Aunty Mabel, stepped in with a loan for a deposit that allowed my parents to buy their first house.  It wasn’t a great deal of money, I don’t know exactly how much, possibly around £100.  My scrapbook records of dad’s employment reveal that his annual salary at that time was £240 a year just £4.60 a week!  The house that they bought would sell now for about £110,000 so in 1954 it probably cost somewhere between £300-400.

They chose a house in Tyndale Street, quite close to the Leicester City Centre.  Tyndale Street is in an area of the city called West End because it was outside of the western Braunstone Gate and on a previously marshy area west of the River Soar.  It was developed around about the 1900s when affordable housing was required to provide accommodation for the workers in the booming footwear and hosiery industries.  The land was acquired from a wealthy protestant landowner who had some residual say in the naming of the streets – Luther, Latimer, Ridley, Cranmer and Tyndale, all sixteenth century Protestant martyrs.

They lived there for two years.  It was a two bedroom terraced house with a front door that opened directly onto the street and with a small garden and back yard at the rear and typical of any Midlands artisan house of that period.

The house today is now well over a hundred years old but still has some of the original decorative features over the doors and windows, but the doors and windows are plastic and there is a refuse bin outside the front door.

Naturally I have no real memories of living in this house and we had gone by the time that I was two years old.  Dad had been promoted at work, he was working in the Education Department, he had an increase in salary and they aspired to move up a notch or two on the property ladder.

Whilst living there I did have my very first bike…

Tyndale Street Back Yard


13 responses to “Scrap book Project – Houses, Tyndale Street, Leicester

  1. What a cutie, on your little bike!

  2. I love old pictures. Cute one of you.
    I like this topic. Makes me think back to the houses I lived in as well. Thanks for the memories, Andrew.

  3. Excellent post. Do you ever pass by the house just to see how it is?

    • Thanks Rick. No, never been past, I never go to Leicester these days. I have no family there any more. I used to go with my dad to watch football matches but I haven’t been to a game since he died in 2003.
      My plan was to go and see all of these houses that we lived in and then I thought ‘hey, why bother, just Google them instead’.
      I do need to go and see the Richard III visitor centre though some time soon.

  4. My Mom still lives in the farmhouse that I grew up in so I visit it quite frequently. That is one cute kid on the bike. 🙂

  5. Shame it wasn’t Catford where I (M) went to school. Would have been good to hear your memories!

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