Hillmorton Map

3 responses to “Hillmorton Map

  1. Hi andrew, nice to find your site after trawling through the internet and looking back at dunsmore history. I dont know if you remember me. I arrived at dunsmore in 67 and left at 16 in 1970 to join rolls-royce with tony gibbard. I spent 38 years with rr and travelled the world as a service representative. Now spending my early retirement between jakarta and bali in indonesia and my narrow boat in barby moorings down barby lane. I,m back to uk end of may. I spend summer months on the canal and winter in indonesia my new home. Hope to hear from you by email. Maybe we could meet up if you,re in rugby, cheers ian

  2. Hi Ian, wonder if you remember my brother Anthony Hogg?

  3. Hi Liz. Tony Hogg sounds familiar but sorry I cannot picture a face. Any more details ?

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