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A Life in a Year – 22nd August, Holidays with Babies and Spiders

Up early in the morning I was able to reflect on the holiday and it occurred to me that this had been a week for some relearning points when it comes to looking after a baby and being with Molly especially at these times in the morning when we were alone together gave me the opportunity to think about these. 

Here are my top three: Firstly when going on holiday with baby take plenty of changes of clothes – for yourself!  several of my shirts were destroyed by the end of the week; secondly remember that baby will always take a dump at the most inconvenient time such as just getting on the ferry, at lunch time in a restaurant or most frustratingly, thirty seconds after a previous change; thirdly, there is a world of difference between putting baby to sleep and getting baby to sleep – I had completely forgotten that one!

During the night a crawly insect had disturbed Rachel but Richard had dismissed this as imagination and told her to back to sleep.  He was forced to reassess his judgment and apologise next morning when he came across a spider that was at least four inches from the end of one of its legs to another.  I wouldn’t have wanted to sleep with it that’s for sure and Richard wouldn’t tackle it this morning without back-up!


August 22nd 2009 and after a final breakfast of bread and croissants and using up as much of the food as we could we packed and tidied and then settled our account with the young man who had greeted us a week ago and suddenly at eleven o’clock it was time to leave so we said goodbye to the cottage that had been our home for the past week.

We drove to the Cite d’Europe via a service station for fuel where there was a curious incident when both our cars failed to register that fuel had been put into the tank and Richard suspected a scam and it took some unexplainable time to put itself right and I can think of no logical reason why. 

 At the hypermarket, Carrefour, we did some last minute cheap booze shopping and then drove to Calais to wait for our ferry which was slightly delayed but crossed the channel in completely calm conditions that allowed us to enjoy a outside top deck crossing and watch as France slipped away and the white cliffs of Dover welcomed us back to England.