A Life in a Year – 5th July, Here is the News!

The very first television news first bulletin was shown on 5th July 1954 on BBC TV, which is obvious of course because there was no ITV until 1955, and presented by Richard Baker.  He was required to give off screen narration while still pictures were put in front of the camera, this was because, and I really find this hard to believe, television producers were concerned that a newsreader with facial movements would distract the viewer from the story.

 On screen newsreaders were only introduced a year later, in 1955, and Kenneth Kendall was the first to appear on screen.

The news that John F Kennedy is my earliest recollection of a news report and it was whilst considering the matter of the news has made me think about all of the newsworthy events that occurred during that first few years of my life when I was sublimely oblivious to what was happening in the World.  Lots of momentous things were going on of course it was just that they were not registering on my personal news alert sensor was kicked into life.

 So what had been going on, what events had been taking place that would shape and have an influence on the rest of my life?  I have been giving it some thought and reviving some childhood memories.  This is how my blog was conceived.

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